Whats Everyone's Favorite Comedy show and Comedian?

    Hey guys, I really like watching TV and my favorite type of shows are comedies. I especially enjoy classic British comedies such as Jeeves and Wooster, Spaced and the IT crowd. There are also loads of great british comedic quiz shows such as QI and Never mind the buzzcocks with some comedy legends such as Stephen Fry, Alan Davies,(stars of QI) Simon Amstell, Bill Bailey and Fill Jupitas and Noel Fielding (stars of never mind the buzzcocks.). I was just interested to see whether people had the same views on comedy shows or not. So Please tell me what your favorite comedy show is, i'd really like to know. 

    I also go to see a lot of stand up, my favorites being Al Murray as the Pub Landlord, Bill Bailey when he did his award winning Part Troll tour and Tim Minchin, the Australian equivalent of bill Bailey. So please also share who your favourite stand up comedian you've seen recently.

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