7th Heaven

7th Heaven

This is a television show about a minister and his family growing up. I know all of you are thinking well then i guess its gonna tell me i have to go to church to be good. no its about the mistakes in life and what you do about them. i think this show is a great example on how everyones life isn't perfect.

If you wanna see it and be suprised you should stop reading NOW!!!

Mary the oldest does some bad things growing up. she vandalized the gym at her high school. gets caught with drugs and beer. she takes money from her siblings she doesn't deserve. then she gets married and then gets divorced and then gets back together with her husband and son. she goes back to school and she works as a teacher. she went through a lot of hard things in her life but she came out of it strong.

Simon is the Bank of Simon. He grew up and was involved in a car accident that ended up killing a kid. he didn't deal with the emotional pain and started having sex with women on campus. one scamed him into thinking she was pregnant and tried to get married. then he almost got marrried but ended up not getting married.

Ruthie became a snotty brat after she came back from Scotland. In the earliest seasons she was the cutest ever. she turns into a bad girl. she gets a tattoo with her boyfriend T-Bone.

Lucy is the most emotional. She lost a friend at a young age. she had to deal with all mary's bagage. Dated a lot. she met her husband kevin in an airport where she ran into some trouble. anyway there happily married with a baby girl named Savanah. shes very energenic and shes a great role model.

Matt got married on the first date with sarah his wife. and helped deliver lucy's baby in an elevator.

Reverend Camdon is a great man he helps those around him that need it. he developes heart problems and has a heart attack.

Annie is the best mother in the world. she lost her parents at two different times in her life. she helps those around her like the young mothers in the home she helped build. she opens her home to all the young children who pass through. like Jane, Margaret, Robbie, Martin, and T-Bone.

This is a great show that got me hooked. Enjoy!!!


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Comments (2)

  1. cjb321

    Saw the show occasionally. Don’t remember the last year or so though. Thanks for the update.

    March 30, 2012
  2. lauraoldfield

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    May 15, 2017