Hey everybody tell me if you like 24. This is the progam where a guy need to protect the United States from terrorist within twenty four hour. And if you think like me that there is problems with this show, Jack Bauer never eat or go to the toilet...

Bonanza Show

I never could understand why 3 grown sons on bonanza never got marry or had there own place to live. what about you?:)

Children Show

My son favorite children show was Mr. Roger Neighborhood. whats was your child show?:)

News Report

The place I was working for was rob and we made the news (that was not my day:eek:) have you been on the news?:)

Scrubs Fans

So I was in the midst of a Scrubs marathon last night which reminded me why I love the show so much. Anyway, I figured this woul be a good way to just talk about greratest moments, quotes and such. So here I have a Dr.Cox quote that sums up how I feel...

Dragon's Den

The reality show Dragon's Den is like a year of business school every episode.

Dr. House

Hi everybody, I'm a fan of Dr.House, I watch it each week and I'm too sad if I miss it one time! Since I watch it, I want to know if House and Cody will finish togheter!! They are always flirting but nothing happens! I'm really impatient. So, meantime,...

Some SYTYCD fans here ?

[FONT="Arial Narrow"] I saw the first five season.Unfortunatly,I was not able to watch the 6th but I' m sure it was awesome.So I want to know : [LIST] [*]Wich season did you prefer ? [*]Who is your favorites dancers ? [*]Who is your favorites judges ?...

Californication: Season Finale

So tonight Showtime must not be feeling the American Endings... I guess the truth always comes out in the end. What are you thoughts on the Californication Season Finale?

Dexter: Season Finale

Anyone just watch the Dexter Season Finale? I can say I am still shocked and a little upset. I understand why it happened that way and it's poetic in a way, just a little disturbed. What are your thoughts on how it ended? Do you think it should have...

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