I love X-Men too. My favourite characters are Rogue. For 2 days I have ordered them on this online sale site.I will receive the set from www.dvdprostore.com very soon. I hope this set will make me happy.

Dancing With The Stars

Did anyone see the first half of the Dancing finale? I just can't believe how good Brooke is.

TV show <<Friends>>

I love this tv show too. Not only can i get some fun but i leant lots of friendship , understanding,sincere .... Good show i think.

Shows that do not make sense

This topic may be overdone but: TV has had alot of shows, or things in shows that if you add logic, they make no sense, what one's really get to you? Like why the hell did the Clampetts need to move the Beverly Hills? There money was good where they...

True Blood

Last episode of the season coming up, with that in mind, anyone watch it? What do ya think?

Miley Cyrus career going downhill?

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="5"][COLOR="Magenta"]Don't you think? But yeah usually when celebrities are overexposed people get very annoyed and eventually stop liking them and then they...go away...[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

Chocolate News?

Does anybody actually watch this show? It's such an obvious "shit we don't have Dave Chapelle anymore" maneuver and a bad one at that. I just can't find myself liking it, it's horrible. Thoughts?

Nip/Tuck is back! yay!

Anyone fans of the show Nip/Tuck???? I love that show and have been having withdraws since its been gone!! Well, the other day i saw the first preview for the new season!!!! I have read that this season was was shows that was never made due to the...

Home Movies

It was created by the same group who brought us Dr. Katz and Squigglevision. Science Court I think.And now Metalocalypse.

Election coverage

Tommorow I am going to be glued to the election results all day long. I get this election bug once every 2 years where I can't seem to stay away from the polls.

Shadow Force on History Channel

Has anyone heard anything about a new show called Shadow Force on History Channel? I came across it on You Tube, hadn't seen any trailers yet. But it looks like it's on Friday night at 10pm. It looks rather interesting; camera crew follows a small...