Dexter Enthusiasts...

What do you think of this season? Jimmy Smits playing the role of a Prosecuting Attorney and feeding the Serial Killer's appetite for murder. Smits is a great actor and I think he'll spice it up a bit. But, to me, it looks like a disaster that's going...


Television is a widely used telecommunication medium for sending and receiving moving images, either monochromatic or color, usually accompanied by sound. "Television" may also refer specifically to a television set, television programming or...

NCIS/Criminal Minds/CSI Chatter

I thought it would be nice if we could start talking about the shows. Just post in the title of your replies what show you're talking about. Which show are you a fan of? I love all three. :D


filmed in front of a live studio audience:


From Fawlty Towers Are You Being Served Keeping Up Appearances One Foot In The Grave Just to name a few. They are on PBS and are just great...imho!

Who else watches Entourage...?

I have been on with them since there first episode. does anybody else follow the entourage guys around there journey through hollywood. everyone i talk to either doesent know what it is or. or doesent enjoy the show as much as I do.

Original Bleach Forum

It's The Original Bleach Forum!!! Talk anything about Bleach to the Original Anime T.V Series to the Video Games! Anything!!! Please do not send bad commits...