Endemol Fan Squad

Here are a few of the more than 20,000 hours of television produced and distributed by Endemol Group Companies: 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show The 99 Hell on Wheels Hot in Cincinnati The Marriage Ref The Money Drop MORE TO BE...

101 Ways to Leave a Game Show

ABC is wrapping up production on their latest quiz show set at an obstacle course. Answer questions, get into bizarre stunts, and win a million buck-a-roos! Watch the BBC version of 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show - it's on YouTube, stupid!...


Mike Greenberg asked challengers trivia questions on this ill-fated ABC quiz show, which debuted in late 2007. However, it was based on a format developed by the programming whiz kids at French TV, one of France's leading producers of non-fiction TV...

Twenty One

2000 was the year of Maury Povich filling in the shoes left by the late Jack Barry. http;//www.youtube.com/watch

Will.i.am Criticized !

Will.i.am Criticized for 'Blackface' VMA Performance By Steven Avalos Sep 13th 2010 02:30PM Will.i.amBetween Kanye's uncensored A-bombs and Taylor Swift's awkward moment reflecting on her lost innocence at last year's show, everyone is taking about the...

Just Men!

Watch this classic NBC daytime game show hosted by Betty White. http://www.youtube.com/shows

Later with Bob Costas

Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/shows Bob Costas hosted the predecessor to Late Night with David Letterman (now Late Night with Jimmy Fallon).

Running Wilde

Hey, all of you Thoughts.com bloggers! Please check out the 30-second preview for the upcoming Fox Broadcasting sitcom on http://www.fox.com. See if you can spot the lovely Kerri Russell at her wackiest! http://www.lionsgate.com/tv

American Bandstand in the 1980s

I love Taylor Dayne, Animotion, Mary MacGregor, The Bus Boys, Robbie Neville, Richard Marx and many other 1980s pop icons appearing on ABC Kids' Saturday morning dance show American Bandstand ever since 'tweenhood during the twentieth century! Watch...

Great Moments in Saturday Morning TV

The Red Hand Gang followed the cases of five juvenile law enforcers tackling robbery, kidnapping and felonies. Watch the entire 13-part Saturday morning live-action mystery series on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/shows

Who else other then myself is a Dark Shadow Fan

I love Johnny Dep he's a great actor fell in love with him when he was on 21 Jumpstreet- cracked me up in those Pirates of the Carribbian movies. But he can NEVEREVER make me love him as Barnabas Collins for the original Dark Shadows from back in the...