Project Runway

Loving the new season! However, I must say that I'm really disappointed that AJ was voted off. I think that arrogant Gretchen should have gotten the boot. I'm glad Tim Gunn said what he said at the end of the show, though. The way that team threw...

Trying to catch a break

Well, I am trying to catch a break.. Seems like I see people all around me everyday doing just that. And all I do is run around in circles. Well, I have entered for the Mad Men picture contest. This could be my only chance to get on TV. So, I am...

Can MGM go it alone very soon?

Never you mind - I haven't been in any hurry to tune in to my favorite classic TV cult hits made by MGM Television - but can the studio face Chapter 11 bankruptcy?


[COLOR="DarkRed"][FONT="Palatino Linotype"][SIZE="4"]America's next top Model, Just rocks my world, It's bc i love Tyra a lot. what reality tv show hooks you all the time? I am Curious):[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]

Amish: World's Squarest Teenagers

A recent documentary has taken some Amish teenagers and sent them to the UK. It's called It is available on the and on the BBC iplayer. Has anyone been watching it? It has been excellent as they confront issues as diverse as race and dancing...

American Bandstand in the 1970s

No doubt about American Bandstand's roster of great musical talent in the 1970s! Check out The DiFranco Family performing Heartbeat (It's a Love Beat).

American Bandstand in the 1970s

Sailcat first appeared on American Bandstand back in 1972, performing two classic hit song from their sentimental vinyl album Motorcycle Mama, begining with the title track.