Mission Statement for family or etc

[FONT="Trebuchet MS"][COLOR="Purple"]Why I'm bringing this up because it was on one episode of TLC's Jon & Kate Plus 8. Basically, Kate researched it and she created one after that. Jon helped a little bit, but just proof read and etc. Now, I'm...

Nashville Star?

I caught a bit of Nashville Star last night. Not to be mean, but I'm glad Coffey is off. Don't get me wrong he's got a lot of energy and anyone who smiles that much is good in my book, but a country singing contest should not include a rap and R&B...

American Gladiators and blood

I've heard people complain about reality tv, that it's all a hoax and the people aren't real, just actors. I'm pretty sure though that the blood dripping down Jeff's face on American Gladiator last night was not of the stage variety. Just wanted to...

Hallmark's new movie is a return to family viewing

I used to be a huge fan of family favorite Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman so I was thrilled to hear Jane Seymour is set to star August 23 in a new Hallmark film because I feel Hallmark has recently become THE place for quality movies. Jane's character in...

Life on Mars & Ashes to Ashes

I adore these series. they epitomise the influences of my formative years. Ford Capris driven madly by free-handed policemen, men being real (70's) men taking no prisoners. Wonderful.:D


No Heroes threads yet? I'm surprised. Any fans around? The 3rd season is just around the corner. Oh, the excitment!

prison break!

I am a huge fan of prison break, I've been dying since it hasn't been on for like a year, I've heard rumours that season 4 is going to start airing again the fall on FOX...is it true? does anyone know what day exactly?? is anybody else excitedd????!!!:D