Anime, anyone?

okay, dont kill me, but im not really that into it [yet] but recently i've started watching Naruto online, and i like it!! id enjoy someone to discuss things with, like characters and unanswered questions so if you know anything about Naruto, then...

Billy Mays Dead!!!!

ITS TRUE!!! Billy Mays, the OxiClean guy, has now dead! His wife found him dead on the floor. No apparent foul play or breaking and entry. He was on his way to shoot a new commercial. The question on my mind now is: WHOS THE NEW OXICLEAN MAN?!?!? No,...

Mad Men

Do any any of you follow the series on AMC, Mad Men? I can't wait until that one comes back for it's 3rd season. Also AMC has a series called Breaking Bad that is fantastic. Stephen King wrote that Breaking Bad is his favorite show and he salivates...


Just started watching the season from iTunes, and I love it! It's such an intense show...anyone else here a fan? I just finished episode two.


I was reminded of this tonight. Any other rememberers.