Andy Richter - Host of Pyramid

Remember Andy Richter playing Jeopardy! back in the late 1990s? Now he's back on television post-Late Night with Cocan O'Brien as the newest host of Pyramid (sorry, Dick Clark, Donny Osmond and Bill Cullen, respectively)! :)


Can you challenge the contestants to interrogate on top of the skyscraper? :)


My daughters have watched quite a lot of American comedy TV but have to admit Outnumbered washes them all away. I concur. No canned laughter either. Excellent comedy that is 3 series long so far. Live, watch and learn, comedy programme makers!

The Bachelorette

Anyone watch The Bachelorette last night with Ali? Any thoughts about the men and or the show? I thought it was kinda boring...

tv for art lovers

[COLOR="Blue"][SIZE="4"][FONT="Arial Black"]The modern masters on bbc1 features 4 programmes dedicated to the great contemporary artists Picaso, Matisse, Warhol and Dalli.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR] Any other arty...

Hermanos y Detectives

My most watch episodes of Hermanos y Detectives is The Case of Professor Fuentes. I'm about to interrogate the evidence when Hermanos y Detectives: El Final airs next month on Univision.

Cain's Hundred

Meet Nicholas "Nick" Cain, the man who chased 100 troublemaking criminals in courtroom interrogation. These are just eight of the suspects you will see in these scenes from six episodes on Cain's Hundred, starring Peter Mark Richman.

MGM Parade

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's very first series produced exclusively for television. The host was George Murphy. I have some scenes from this classic television program on the Internet at .

The Boondocks

Anyone else super pumped for the season premier that starts tonight? For those of you that haven't seen it. Fuck you. Now watch this: Part 1 Part 2 Unless you are easily offended. Strong language and shit. Enjoy.