Doctor Who

It's my favorite show. I absolutely adore it. The Easter special really made me mad though Is anyone a fan?

Tyler Perry

This man is brilliant he knws exactly what he's doing, I am so greatful that some real comedy is actually coming alive now.

So You Think You Can Dance

The last dancer that won Chris Allen I knew him personally him and my ex were going to school together right before he went out there, I was one of the people that pushed to go try out me and his mother together I was at the live finale and was...

Tyler Perry House of Payne

I love this show it is so funny, the new season started tonight loved it, for those of you who actually watch this show. How do you feel about it?

Any Survivor fans??

That used to be my very favorite show. I loved Rupert. He didn't win, but won a million for being the fan favorite. It just has lost steam the past few seasons.

Grey's Anatomy

Who watched that finale last night? Are you as "What The Hell?!" as I am? Gimme your thoughts...I need to talk about it with someone cuz my dumb co-workers don't watch it! Losers. Ha! ;)

NCIS Character

]I am a big fan of NCIS and would like to know who else is.... All the characters are fabulous but if you had to choose one as your favourtie who would it be? [LIST=1] [*]Gibbs [*]DiNozzo [*]McGee [*]Ziva [*]Duckie [*]Abby [/LIST] After making your...

Private Practice season finale

Did anyone see that??? No spoilers here in case you haven't but I was just peeved at how they left it hanging!! Tied up every story line (basically) except one, a HUGE one! And with my luck I'll be on swing shift when they start their new season! :mad: