-American Idol-

Sorry if this is a duplicate thread-------- but it's getting near the end.... Who do you think it will go down to? I say Crystal and Lee.

Star Trek VGR

Anyone else who liked the Star Trek Voyager serie? I was very fond of it and now I've started to buy the serie:) If you do like the serie please tell me, it's a nice subject to dicuss:) Liva long and prosper:P


I'm A Big Fan Of Supernatural I just recently started watching the reruns on TNT And Fell In Love With It Or Maybe It Was Jenson Ackles I fell in love with....anyway He's smokin hot.:D

-Top Ten Favorite Shows-

What are yours? I tend to like the light hearted family stuff. Here's mine in no particular order. Saved by the Bell Simpsons Boy Meets World Forensic Files Friends Full House American Idol Prison Break I Love Lucy One Tree Hill




Any one here as confused as i am over this final series? Seems like they are adding more questions than answers to the plot. There is only about 8 episodes left and we still dont know how Jacob got to the Island, when will Jin and Sun finaly meet, what...