What Television Shows Would You Like To See Cancelled?

How's 'bout a different turn. There's a lot of crapola TV shows on the air - always has been! But, you know that that works... anything to try and make a buck. For me... I would LOVE to see that psycho Chef (Ramsey) iced from the airwaves. I can't...

2 men and a half

This week I started to watch the first season of 2 men and a half. Someone else watches it too?

New York Season Finale?

What do you think will happen in the CSI : New York Season Finale? I'm am so excited for the season finale! What do you think will happen do you think Lindsey will be there? And I'm also wondering if Stella and Mac are really getting together? I heard...

Who's Line!!!

ok, this is for all you crazies that love "Who's Line is It Anyway?" yayayayayay! :D feel free to add comments, quotes, or just discuss how great (or if it's that bad in your opinion, how bad) this show is!