I used to love that series... I thought it was really nice and refreshing and I loved fantasy. I dunno if this series is over or not, but if you ever watched it, what did you think of it?

The Office

Really like this show. Every character is excellent . The older guy is the most mysterious, he seems to have a closet full of skeletons. Funniest thing is his name on The Office is Creed Bratton but in real life his name is ... Creed Bratton, ex singer...

At the Movies Cancelled

Bye-bye, A.O. Scott and Michael Phillips. At the Movies is no more. After two decades and 24 seasons, I will not see Phillips and Scott at the movies any time soon.

Sea Hunt

Here's another classic seafarer adventure starring the late Lloyd Bridges.

True Blood

Has any one seen this show? do you like it or dislike? I personally love the show. but i love vampires they are amazing! haha werewolves are pretty rad too but i don't know of any tv shows about them. but just tell me what you think!

Live From Progressive

I convince all bloggers to listen to Flo in a series of Progressive Auto Insurance commercials at starting April 1.

Top Card

Watch Dan Miller ask three contestants multi-choice questions in these scenes from TNN's (now Spike) original game show.

Tic Tac Dough

Watch this vintage excerpt from the 1980s syndicated game show Tic Tac Dough featuring Thom McKee. :)

Just Men!

Betty White hosted NBC's short-lived question-and-answer daytime game show created by CHiPs mastermind Rick Rosner, who went on to produced the early-1990s Peacock Network word game Caesars Challenge, presided over by Ahmad Rashad. :)

Radio Lovers

Listen to Quiz Kids, the hit old-time radio game/quiz show that inspired the CBS Television Network series of the same title, on the Radio Lovers official homepage.