Tru Calling

The lead character, Tru Davies (Eliza Dushku), is a young woman working the night shift at the city morgue. Occasionally, the corpse of a newly dead person appears to awaken and utter the words "Help me" to her. As they do, Tru wakens with a start at...

The Fresh Prince

Anybody watch The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air with Will Smith? It was on from 1990-1996 show ever

King Of The Hill..

One of the best shows on TV and still good after 12 years, ahhhh tell you whuut.. :D

Two And A Half Men..

Nothing like reality TV, huh? Charlie Sheen playing a rich, drunken he-slut! :D Seriously, I LOVE this show.. it's crude, rude, and never fails to include all 7 deadly sins in every episode.. Charlie gets drunker, Alan gets nerdier, Jake gets stupider,...

Breaking Bad

an AMC original series. A high school chemistry teacher with cancer cooks meth. It's entertaining and educational. Any fans out there?

Big Love

Absolutely love that program and all the drama surrounding this polygamous community. Only two more episodes left of the season....anyone else a BIG LOVE fan?

CSI Miami

I just love this show, Horatio is tops with me.:D anyone else watch it...............