American Raspberry/Prime Time

This was the first feature-length motion picture David Hoberman has been working on in the years before he formed Mandeville Films in 1995, followed in 1999 by the launch of Hyde Park Entertainment.

The Manhole

Glenn Beck has some conservative wisdom on Thursday's edition of Premiere Radio Networks/Fox News Channel's Glenn Beck Program.


Pretender was a good show. Jarod was clever. A lot of people on Lost and Heroes appeared on Pretender. Coincidence? I doubt it.


Game show hosted first by Don Morrow, then by Tom Campbell and, most recently, Roger Lodge.

An ABC Studios Production

Did you know that many hit primetime series produced by ABC Studios have the tagline "An ABC Studios Production" at the beginning of the opening sequence? The Amazing Race Cougar Town Desperate Housewives Flash Forward Gary Unmarried Grey's Anatomy...

Bob Costas

I'm watching the US winter Olympics, I mean the Winter Olympics on NBC where they show nothing but US athletes and dismiss some awesome non-US athletes.... anyway, I digress. Bob Costas looks sick with his perfect 30 year old hair colour. Too vain or...

Foreign Series

Have you ever watched foreign series ? turkish, indian, egyptian, kwaiti, australian....etc, and especially syrian :D ? What is it ? and did you find it good ?