Media Hogs

[SIZE="5"]This thread is for listing the people who appear on tv and other media repeatedly, even though they shouldn't, because they love the attention or something. They usually have nothing to say worth listening to. i.e.[/SIZE]

Time Warp

Did anyone see that show called "Time Warp"? It's Pretty Interesting. The episode i saw there were throwing things at a circular saw, and they slow it down, and analyze whats happens. The next Episode i saw they were shooting things like cans, balloons...

Jack Is Back, Bitches!

Well, we have gotten a couple of episodes into the new season of 24. What do yall think of it, what do you think of Tony coming back, etc.?

One Tree Hill

i am not really into realistic programmes. i watched for a while and a love thats it. i love programmes lsmallvilleLost-Season-1-4-products/Buffy-The-Vampire-Slayer-Seasons-1-]buffy the vampire slayer" and even "sabrina the teenage witch"... however i...

No Reservations

Did you see the one when Tony almost died in that micro-vehicular related incident?

American Idol

American Idol averaged 30.074 million in the overnight numbers, down just under 10% from last year�s 33.24 million. Bill will post the full night�s details soon� Per Marc Berman the very earliest indication is that the season premiere of American Idol...


This show get's better every episode.

The Bachelor

The Bachelor started last night and it looks like it's going to be an amazing season. Who else watches this show? Last year Jason got down on his knee to propose to DeAnna before she let him know she was in Love with someone else. Now he is back this...

More Biggest Loser!!

Thankfully, the gods have blessed us with a new episode of Biggest Loser this week without having to wait through the off-season. They really are pumping them out aren't they? I'm not complaining, you see, because I am a little addicted. (Oh gees, a...