Writer's Strike

I miss my tv shows.. :( When do you think this writer's strike will be done with?

The Writer's Guild

Bravo! Bravo for all the writers who are protesting the unfairness of the super wealthy prospering on their talent. It isn't correct that the writers can not profit from their material being sent to the World Wide Web, without them being able to have...

The mighty Boosch!

Anyone ever hear of it? It's popular in England. Here's a silly, crazy part from it: Old GREG: http://youtube.com/watch?v=u_hMnT44Etk

Something to SERIOUSLY think about....

The dominant paradigm (DP) states that you go to work or school, then come home, and deserve a little reward like dessert after dinner, so you pursue "entertainment." Other than the hilariously condescending nature of that term, most people have no...

Interesting Topic po ito ;)

Hi! kamusta mga new buddies ko? Anyways, I'm a Pinay beauty named Teth, aged 28 and married with one child from Pasig City. Salamat po at naging part ako ng Group nyo, I wish dumami pa tayo. At least mas dadami din mga Friends ko! Syempre we will...

old commercials

wayne was talking about commercials what old ones do you remember how about hertz let hertz put you in the drivers seat

game shows

Have you ever been on one, and how many old ones can you name