Chris Moyles' Quiz Night

Here is Moyles asking questions from this previously aired new episode of Chris Moyles' Quiz Night, courtesy of Channel Four Television, United Kingdom.

West Wing

Anyone used to watch The West Wing? West Wing was one of my favorites. I never missed an episode. THe writing for the show was excellent. Very smart and intelligent show. Lots of memorable characters (my favorite was CJ). There was one episode that I...

TV's Greatest Surprises

Last night they had an hour and a half special on the greatest television surprises in the past 60 years. Was pretty cool. I liked it because they actually showed you the entire clips from all 30 shows. Here's their list. Top 30 greatest surprises from...


Anyone watch Combat? They show it late at night on television. Love it.

John Adams

Has anyone seen the miniseries from HBO , John Adams? I saw this box set not knowing what it was about . What a gem. Special features are historical foot notes while the movie is playing , which means I will be seeing this a second time. I love the...

Penny to a Million

Remember Bill Goodwin on old-time radio back in the 1940s and 1950s? I have posted a podcast of The George Burns & Gracie Allen Show on Before that, there are excerpts from a 1953 episode of Penny to a Million on...

Big Brother UK - Final Season

So one more time for this long running reality TV stalwart - and probably the only reality TV which can still surprise. The first episode aired today in the UK - available on to those with access - hopefully will be made available on open...

The Assistant

I have posted the opening theme sequence for The Assistant, an MTV reality contest hosted by Andy Dick.

ABC for sale? Screw Bob Iger

Should Disney sell ABC to anyone who will run the entire free television broadcasting empire? Will Robert A. Iger decide to offload the venerable broadcaster founded in 1932 as a broadcast radio station operator? Is Newsweek on the chopping block? Can...

Best 80s TV Show

Who ya got? Cosby, Roseanne and Cheers were my favorites.

Break the Bank

Move over, Gene Rayburn! Joe Farago filled in the shoes left by the late Rayburn as the new host of the 1980s version of Break the Bank.

Top 10 Novelty Songs

1. Cledus Maggard & The Citizen's Band - The Banana Bowl 2. "Weird" Al Yankovic - UHF 3. Brian Posehn - Try Again, Again (Metallica parody) 4. John Conlee - Doghouse 5. Kip Addotta - Life in the Slaw Lane 6. Rodney Carrington - Dancing with a Man...